Who is Yahweh El Roi?

Emily-Ann Rautenbach is a teacher and mother who survived a near fatal car accident. When she woke up from her coma, the Lord called her for ministry to testify about how He miraculously healed her, against all odds from the doctors.

She experienced Christ when she was trapped for an hour and a half, upside down in her 4×4. She saw Jesus’ feet while waiting for the rescue team to arrive, all this while the gospel music played loudly in the bakkie.

She testifies about this miracle in her life.  She also gives motivational talks which is spirit-led, to women. In these sessions she gives helpful tips to women, mothers, wives and daughters on how to cope when it seems impossible to cope.

With her educational foundation she also works with youth groups teaching them about their image in Christ and motivates them to stay stable in an unstable society.


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072 507 7204

Wie is Hosanna?

Hosanna is ‘n bediening wat Die Here deur Leonie Pretorius opgerig het. Leonie is in 2004 as pastoor georden en in 2008 het sy haar doktorsgraad in Pastorale Terapie, Bybelonderrig en Dwaalleringe in die Kerk cum laude verwerf. Hosanna beskik oor tientalle fasiliteerders wat regoor die land bedien en innerlike genesing- en beradingskursusse aanbied.


Who is Ein Rimmom?

Ein Rimmon’ vision is to restore the creativity in its totality in  God’s children. Jennie Krog ministers out of her calling as ‘stainer’ (one who restores the original grain of wood). Abba Father uses her to restore the original creativity in His children.  She believes that when she ministers from within her calling, Abba Father gives her the authority to restore the original grain of each of His children.

Art is one of  the vehicles we use to reach the fullness in Him and to convey this visual message  to others through art.  Your message can sow seeds into someone else’s life.   Jennie Krog holds prophetic painting and creative workshops all over South Africa to help people give shape to this message.

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083 270 4333

Who is Lady Rose?

Through the pages of the magazine, we want to impart restoration in the identity of women.  Our heart’s desire is to bring inspiration to women straight from the Word of God.  We want to make an impact in the media to teach women that their identity is not on the outside, but on the inside.  We aim to bring a fresh view to the media and the influence it has on women.  Currently, the media’s focus is to make women aware of their physical beauty; we want to make women aware of their inner beauty and their purpose in Christ.  Beauty from the inside out.  We teach women the truth of the Word and empower them to be an influence for the Kingdom of God.  We minister across nations at women’s conferences and we also host our own conferences.  Lady Rose Ministries falls under the umbrella of Barach Tamid International Ministries.


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066 129 6744


Who is Take a Leap Coaching?

Elsa Cronje is legally and professionally qualified as a Transformation Coach and honours the ethics around it with sincerity. All her sessions are Holy Spirit-inspired and therefore result driven. Life is not easy, and it is her duty to offer people the opportunity to LIVE a happy, free and fulfilled life in Christ. The well-being of people, helping them to find their wings and teaching them to fly is Elsa’s passion, calling and purpose.

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082 540 1673

Wie is Victory Crafts?

Anne-Marie Meyer het haar passie vir verskeie kunswerk ontdek nadat sy ‘n spesiale boodskap oor mosaïek ontvang het. Soveel stukkende stukkies wat bymekaar gevoeg word, vorm op die ou end ‘n meesterstuk.

Daarom die leuse “From broken pieces to a Masterpiece”, want so is ons as mens ook. Al ons gebrokenheid vorm op die ou end wie ons is. Wanneer innerlike genesing plaasvind, tree God se hand in en Hy maak van ons Sy eie Meesterstuk.

Dit is hoe Victory Crafts (voorheen bekend as Victory Mosaic) ontstaan het.

Victory Crafts verkoop verskeie produkte; van serpe tot enige dekor vir jou huis. Met haar fyn oog en kunstige hande kan Anne-Marie ook verskeie produkte op aanvraag maak.

Net soos elkeen ‘n unieke mens is, is daar ‘n geskenk, kleur, styl en vorm vir jou behoeftes by Victory Crafts beskikbaar.


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082 298 1072


Who is

Patricia Viljoen?

Patricia’s debut anthology was published in 2015. Since then four other anthologies have seen the light. Three of her anthologies are in English and two are in Afrikaans. She has also published a children’s colouring book (for ages between 3-8 years), in both of these languages. Her latest anthology, ERA (2018), won the second prize for an anthology at Ink Skryf in Afrikaans’ prestige gala event.


Her love of language and poetry are portrayed in these anthologies and she always leaves a piece of herself behind in every book. Patricia has been proofreading and translating for the past three years.


Her love of Christ can be seen in many of her poems. Her abilities are gifted from God. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10)

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