To be seated in Heavenly Places


This book is written with a passion to bring you as the reader closer to God. So that He may not be far and out of reach to you anymore, but that you will lay down your life so as to reach the place which will enable you to call Him Abba, my Father.

That you will live in truth. You are nothing without Jesus and will not be able to sit at His feet as a child. I know that you will exchange your ashes for beauty, you will make an end to all the heartache in your life, and receive the anointing of fresh oils of joy, that you will tear off the garments of a heavy soul and clothe yourself in a new garment of praise.

Then you will be able to enter the presence of the King; to display to Him your renewed beauty, because His grace toward you is enough. You will understand perfect love when you look down from heavenly places, and you will make sure that you as the bride are ready to meet your Groom.

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Spiritual growth book

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