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15 Steps to renew your mind as suggested in Romans 12:2.
Download the introduction audio for free and make sure to listen to the introduction before purchasing any other step.

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Step 1: Discover how your definitions keep you from having the things that you want.

Theme: Change your definition – change your life.


Step 2:  Allow yourself to be you in order to allow others to be themselves.

Theme: Allow Accept and appreciate yourself first and see how you value others more.


Step 3:  Take charge of your thoughts because thoughts create your reality.

Theme: Change your thoughts and disable the enemy’s strategy over your life.


Step 4:  Learn to walk on the ’cause’ side of your life.

Theme: Take responsibility for everything you think, feel and speak and see how your life changes.


Step 5:  Change your perception to enhance the ability to create the life you want.

Theme: Perception is projection – your perception determines your experience.


Step 6:  Discover how your emotions influence your experience.

Theme: Learn to process your emotions instead of ignoring them.


Step 7:  Understand the connection between your emotions and what you allow into your life.

Theme: Your emotions determine your vibration – tune into the Holy Spirit’s vibration.


Step 8:  Feel the power of appreciation.

Theme: Being grateful turns your life into a joyous adventure.


Step 9:  Learn to master the power of belief.

Theme: Whatever you believe, you can achieve.


Step 10: Start deliberately creating the life you want.

Theme: Understand what it mean to be the creator of your own life.


Step 11: Change your mind, change your results.

Theme: Constantly transform your mind, to transform your life.


Step 12: Change your focus from failure to feedback.

Theme: Jesus Christ already paid for our failure, it’s time to move on.


Step 13: What does your behaviour say about you?

Theme: Learn to identify and change your own behaviour.


Step 14: Embrace the Present.

Theme: Live in the moment.


Step 15: Understand behaviour.

Theme: Get the facts behind your behaviour.


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