He gave His Body and He shed His Blood (English)



He gave His Body and He shed His Blood is the eighth book written by Dr Leonie. From the first page to the very last, this book is Spirit filled, and one walks away feeling renewed and  fulfilled, hungry for more. A deeper, more fulfilling relationship with the One, who gave His Body and shed His Blood.


When the first paragraph of any book starts with: “What more can be given if you have already given your Body and all of your Blood? Then you have given yourself completely; given your EVERYTHING; given your LIFE! YOU CANNOT GIVE MORE to anyone,” then one must know that this is The Holy Spirit working in full strength. God leads you into the mysteries of His heart and uses Dr Leonie as a powerful instrument to get this message across.

Communion will have a deeper meaning as you are liberated from every bondage ever laid upon you, and you will never doubt that you are a blood washed child of God.

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