Someone who had followed your footprints, would be able to tell exactly what you have been busy with. If you looked back, you’d be able to see where you have come through.

ONE THING FOR SURE ABOUT FOOTPRINTS: THEY ARE ALWAYS BEHIND YOU… Your footprints, after closing the Bible and walking out from worship will determine if you are a LISTENER OR DOER OF THE WORD.

There are footprints left behind from paths that you never wish to walk again … There are shy prints, prints of when you were cautious and walked in doubt … There are knee bowing prints from plenty of prayer. Footprints of healing … Footprints where it looks as if you took a beating after wrestling with something … There are footprints of happiness where light had walked through your life … Footprints where you had crossed the winning line.

Your FOOTPRINTS ARE YOUR STORY… I believe that through this book you will be able to walk the path which God had planned for you.

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