The Truth sets you free! (English)



In her latest publication, The Truth sets you free!, Dr Leonie breaks open the three sacraments according to Scriptural perspective (washing feet, the mass sacrament and baptism). This book does not only have the answers to so many everyday questions but contains precious jewels from The Word which will enrich your spiritual growth.


This book tells it as it is – the writer stands for the truth and the truth alone. Things which were brought in by the Pharisees and experts in the law come to Light, so that you cannot be misled by the snake in darkness. But you can SEE in the Light!


Boundaries will be set by you after reading this book. For Jesus truly did bring the sword, so that we (through conviction of The Holy Spirit) can have an inner room relationship with our Heavenly Father.


It is exactly when the truth of The Word is revealed to you, that all walls of tradition, opinions and set rituals come tumbling down. When the truth of this book’s message is harboured in your heart, then you will see the greatness of the Triune in another way, and worship, praise and love Him so much more in spirit and truth.

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The Truth sets you free! – Writer: Dr. Leonie

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