Deeper than the Heart



You are not just holding a book in your hands, but the MYSTERIES OF THE LORD. While you are hidden in God, the whole creation is in labour, waiting for your revelation …


You do not live just to exist, but to discover life in Christ (Who IS LIFE IN ABUNDANCE). You were in God’s plan – days which were already determined, when there was no light. Then you were already a part of His Light which must shine here on earth. He will always call YOU CLOSER; DEEPER IN HIS GLORY TILL INTO HIS HEART.


In the beginning this will be a journey for you. Where you stand ankle deep and just exist, but you will seek more. As you enter knee depth, your prayers will make you want to go deeper – till hip depth. His glory will reflect His Love and you

will not allow anything to stop His Glory from touching your chest, because you will become a seeker of the stream (what Ezekiel speaks of). Then it will start flooding – a stream where you can swim in – and if you go deeper than your heart, then you will taste the leaves of the Tree of Life.


You will shiver in the evening breeze of the touch of The Holy Spirit, while Jesus dances with you in front of the throne, in Heavenly Places … It is time to GO DEEPER THAN THE HEART!

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Geestelike dagstukboek

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