COVENANT – Candice van der Westhuizen


Original painting by Heart Art

Oil on canvas  |  420 x 297mm (16.5 x 11.6”)


The inspiration for this painting was actually taken from a wedding I went to. I went down to the river that afternoon to take photos of the beautiful sunset and happened to come across this beautiful bowl of roses in water…the bowl the bride and groom used to wash one another’s feet. I was instantly reminded of King Jesus’ example, which I feel the below verse explains clearly. Jesus, our NEW inheritance! What a magnificent mystery!


John 13:12-17 TPT

After washing their feet, he put his robe on and returned to his place at the table.[e] “Do you understand what I just did?” Jesus said. 13 “You’ve called me your teacher and lord, and you’re right, for that’s who I am. 14–15 So if I’m your teacher and lord and have just washed your dirty feet, then you should follow the example that I’ve set for you and wash one another’s dirty feet. Now do for each other what I have just done for you. 16 I speak to you timeless truth: a servant is not superior to his master, and an apostle is never greater than the one who sent him. 17 So now put into practice what I have done for you, and you will experience a life of happiness enriched with untold blessings!



By removing their sandals and washing their feet, Jesus was showing them that he was granting them a new inheritance—his own. The sandal is often used in covenants of inheritance in Hebrew culture. Every defilement would be removed so that they could “place the sole of their feet” upon the new covenant inheritance.

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Original painting by Heart Art

Oil on canvas  |  420 x 297mm (16.5 x 11.6”)

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Dimensions 297 × 420 cm


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