Who is Salo Me?

Salo Me is Spirit-led and she writes and composes songs to touch and inspire people. She prays while composing and carefully write the lyrics to bring the message across (specifically undercover gospel).  Salo Me then composes a melody to put together a catchy song with deep lyrics. Her genre is unique, consisting of soul and indi folk mix. Her inspiration comes from live events, visions and dreams.

Although she is Afrikaans speaking, she composes in English (due to English education and ability to express herself better) with the end result in mind – to become international.

Salo Me plays guitar, piano, harmonica, flute percussion and sings, performing as a one-man band anywhere, anytime for any occasion. Because Salo Me is so talented she can cover any song from a variety of genres.

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079 519 6595

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