Be a Blessing

Be a Blessing

What is the purpose of the  ‘Be a Blessing’ page?

Oasis Honey provides this page as a platform to sow financial seed by way of granting an Ambassador exposure, enhancing Oasis Honey’s exposure&operations as well as donate money to specific ministries.


Why use Oasis Honey to be a Blessing?

We all want to bless others financially or with an opportunity, but we are not always sure how. We also, do not want others to know who did the blessing, which makes it tricky. Lastly, we would like to sow seeds into the Kingdom of God that improves the body of Christ and is applied positively.  Oasis Honey serves as your blessing vessel. 

How is Oasis Honey your blessing vessel?

This page is offered as a secret way of anonymously sowing financially and knowing that the ground to receive the seed is prepared and ready. All the Ambassadors on Oasis Honey see their businesses as their ministries. 

How can you Be a Blessing?

1. You can bless a new or existing Ambassador with one of the following annual packages;
* Agate (R2704 including 3% transaction fee)
* Sapphire ( R 3016 including the 3% transaction fee)
* Emerald ( R 3120 including the 3 % transaction fee)
* Jacinth ( R 5 200 including the 3% transaction fee)
* Amethyst ( R5 512 including the 3% transaction fee)

2. You can bless Oasis Honey with;
* Lady Rose Magazine Advertisement (R 3500 – R 5000 per issue)
* Infinitum Facebook and Social Media Design and marketing (R3000 – R 5000 monthly)
* Website hosting (R1000 monthly) 
* Financial Contribution

3. You can bless our Ambassadors with a Financial Contribution; 

R 20 minimum

Please take note that Oasis Honey deducts a 3% transaction fee from every option chosen.   

We pray that every financial seed grows and produces a favourable harvest.

Annual packages











Monthly Packages

Lady Rose

Magazine Advertisement

Infinitum Facebook and Social

Media Design and marketing

Website Hosting

Financial Contribution

Ambassador Financial


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