Ambassadors Info

Ambassadors Info

What is an Ambassador on Oasis Honey?

Being an ambassador with us means you conduct business on the principles Abba Father provides in His Word as well as maintain a standard of excellence.

We provide a list and short profile of Christian service providers, professionals, and businesses.

What does being an Ambassador entail?

  1. Ambassadors are allowed to advertise their events, products and services in the Oasis Honey South Africa Community  Facebook group on Mondays.

  2. Being an ambassador provides the opportunity to have your products for sale on an online platform with an online paying system and courier service.

  3. It enables you to market events and services directly to your target market.

  4. Ambassadors are endorsed and advertised with a public relations point of view.

What is the cost for being an Ambassador?

  1. An annual fee starting at R 2 600 depending on content and specifications.

  2. An operational cost is charged for products and ticket sales per purchase.

  3. A brand Landing Page is optional and charged as applicable.

  4. Launching or advertising campaigns (on top of regular advertisement) are available on request at an additional charge.

List of Categories

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