Oasis Honey is an online Christian platform to provide one spot to access events, shop for products and find ambassadors for different needs. View our Facebook community. – Oasis Honey South Africa Community


One platform, one community to find and buy Christian Products, services and events. Making it possible for Yahweh’s children to have a professional and user-friendly support system.


Add value to our community by providing as many Christian Ambassadors, products and events possible while maintaining a professional, ethical, legal and ‘living’ platform in South Africa.

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Shop for Christian South African products that testify of Abba Father’s given talents and destinies.


 View info for Christian Events, functions, workshops and Conferences in South Africa and buy tickets.

Ambassadors of Jesus Christ

View a list of all Christian professionals, service providers, and businesses.


What is the purpose of Oasis Honey?

We are living in a time where it is important to have a support structure that influences and uplifts us to be all who Abba Father created us to be. Therefore, Oasis Honey provides one ‘spot’ for all Yahweh’s children to work in close proximity enhancing the body of Christ.

What is the story behind Oasis Honey?

Abba Father placed the vision of this online platform in one of His children’s hearts and she chose to obey and provide a platform that will demonstrate His heart for the community.

Being in business in a worldly system is not easy and Abba Father knows that we need a ‘stage’ to properly megaphone who He is and what He is doing through his children while bringing glory to His name.

Why choose Oasis Honey?

We have many creative and Holy Spirit inspired services and products in South Africa. It is time for Yahweh’s children to collide, work together, support each other and enjoy Christian professionalism in all different aspects of life.

The prophetic word for 2019 is EXCELLENCE and Oasis Honey aims to provide just that!

That’s why we provide these products, services, and events.  

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